Free Agent Ribbons Download from!!!

Agent Ribbons - Chateau CroneHey, who doesn’t like something for free?

Our friends over at mega-retailer have become quite enamored of Agent Ribbons, and you know, when you love somebody, you got to set them free. Or at least offer one of their songs for free!

So yes, Amazon is currently offering a free MP3 download of I’m Alright, the first single off of Agent Ribbons’ upcoming album, Chateau Crone! The full album won’t be out until October 12th, though you can pre-order your copy right now at the Antenna Farm Store.

So while the band is touring their way through the midwest this week, you can head on over to Amazon and get yourself a copy of I’m Alright. Not only will you be helping yourself to an ACE free tune, you can also help Agent Ribbons rise in the Amazon chart rankings, where their track is currently battling it out with the likes of Beyonce, Sufjan Stevens, and Heart. As I write this, they are in the top 20, lets help them get to #1!

Click here for the free Agent Ribbons Amazon Download!

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