Sugar & Gold Pre-release! Get Wet! available on LP and Digital NOW!

Get Wet! + AYA EP Vinyl BundleYou demanded it, and we delivered. You said April 27th was just too far away, just too many weeks to wait for the new Sugar & Gold album. We here at Antenna Farm are sympathetic! We’ve been rocking this album for weeks, why should we be keeping it from you? Dates are just numbers on a calendar, and that’s a fact.

So what did we do? We told iTunes to release this jam 2 weeks early. Power to the peoples. And we went ahead and opened up our store, so you can order yourself a copy of the LP today. Bam. And yes, both the LP and iTunes version come with the bonus track ‘Closer’. Not kidding friends. We’re so serious about this, we are making you a special offer. For a limited time, you can pick up a copy of the Get Wet! LP, PLUS a copy of last fall’s AYA Remix 12″ for one low price.

So yes, to get your copy of Get Wet! TODAY, click yourself one of these links. You Will Not Regret It.

Get Wet! LP
Get Wet! LP plus AYA Remix 12″

Hard to believe that, in this day and age, someone would stand up to the man and just give it up. But the people have spoken and we are content to do as they (and we) please. Rage on, friends.

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