Winfred E. Eye and Antenna Farm Present “Til I Prune” out April 28th!

Winfred E. EyeThey’re back. Antenna Farm Records is pleased to present the first album release in almost 6 years from our old friends Winfred E. Eye. The last time these Oakland mainstays released a record, the Iraq war was brand new, Britney Spears seemed sane, and Bush seemed certain to be a one term president. A lot has changed in the intervening years, but W.E.E. remain the gritty, hirsute storytellers they always have been, prepared to share their best work to date.

With Til I Prune, the band’s fourth full length and their first for Oakland’s Antenna Farm Records, Winfred E. Eye have delivered their most mature set of songs to date. Following a band hiatus during which Calvert, an early childhood educator, released a solo album of children’s songs, W.E.E. has returned to the dark highways that they know so well, but with an expanded vision and songwriting chops that have fully come into their own. Drawing upon a sonic palette that ranges from Beefheart-inspired stompers to dark drones with repeated guitar lines and impassioned cries, and even including a couple of solemn lullabies, Til I Prune balances a boozy melancholy with a strong dose of dark humor and even, at times, a sense of satisfaction with loves found, and not yet lost.

Upcoming Live Dates

4/18 – San Jose – Streetlight Records In-Store. Record Store Day!
4/24 – Los Angeles – The Smell w/ CB Brand, Young Hunting and Lorno
4/25 – San Diego – Bar Pink w/Willard Grant Conspiracy
4/26 – Los Angeles – American Apparel presents Sundays in the Courtyard at Space 15 Twenty
5/1 – San Francisco – House of Shields w/Harbours

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